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  • What is Shield?
    Shield is a platform that enables individuals to manage their data in a quick and easy manner. We provide two services: privacy and monetization. First, in order to protect your personal information, use our Google Chrome extension and fine-tune which specific data you want to protect. Secondly, you can share your data on the platform in order to get paid by Shield in cryptocurrency
  • Why was Shield was created?
    Shield was created by the need to improve the current data industry. There is a gap in the current regulation and customers don’t perceive the value of the data that are being gathered by third-party cookies and sold to big companies. Shield gives the power back to the user and enables him to benefit from the value of his personal information
  • Who created Shield?
    Shield was created by a team based in Madrid who was not satisfied with how much control individual users have over their digital data
  • What is our Vision?
    We aim to change the data market by creating a fair and transparent use of data in which the people are truly rewarded for the value of their data and the privacy of the user on the internet is guaranteed
  • What is our Mission?
    We want to build a set of data-centric tools available and affordable for all individuals, regardless of their technical knowledge. We focus on effective, quick, and understandable solutions based on the needs of the citizens
  • How does Shield work?
    Shield uses a cookie extension to block cookies, trackers, and ads. This is done by setting preferences on the Privacidad page. If you want to monetize your data, you need to enter your data during registration (you can change them later on a profile page), connect your digital wallet to a Wallet page, and give permission for sharing data.
  • How do we block Ads and Cookies?
    Ads and cookies are blocked by downloading our extension. The full version of the extension is accessible for free
  • Which Cookies do we block?
    You can check the categories of cookies that we block by entering Privacidad Page.
  • Where can I specify which Cookies to block?
    Go to Privacidad on the webpage and select your preferences.
  • Do I need an extension?
    You don’t need the extension to monetize your data. However, if you wish to protect your personal data and block cookies, you need to download the extension.
  • Where I can access the extension?
    You can access the extension by clicking on this future - link or by going to Chrome Extension Store and searching for Shield.
  • How does monetization work?
    You share data with us. We store them securely and share with our partners in a protected manner. Once the process is finished we send you a reward. Our Partners can use your data only once. They won’t have access to it after that. To share your data, you need to fill out the form with information during registration. Then, go to Monetization Page and connect your crypto wallet. If you don’t have a wallet yet, click on the icon with wallets we recommend and create one. This will not take much time. The last step is to check the box allowing us to start sharing your data. We share only data that you provided in the form during the registration process. You can check and modify them by going to your profile page.
  • With whom do you share my data?
    We share your data only with our partners whose names we publish from the first day of signing the contract with them.
  • Is monetization legal?
    Monetization of personal data is only legally possible if you explicitly agree to allow the company to use your data for monetization
  • How do we use blockchain?
    Blockchain is used to secure your data against data breaches and ensure that you remain in control of your data. Additionally, in enables us to issue Shield Token and create a safe financial environment for companies and users
  • What is Shield Token?
    Shield Token is a form of currency that our platform operates on. We use Tokens to communicate the value of data being shared and to reward users. The token is exchangeable for Phantom crypto. The user is free to do whatever he wants with it after that
  • How to delete my account
    You can delete your account in the profile page.
  • How to delete my data?
    Your data is deleted when you delete your account.
  • Do I have to pay?
    As of 2022, Shield is free of charge
  • What reward can I get for my data?
    You are rewarded with a Shield token. Then you can convert this token into Phantom crypto (PHTM) when you pull it out of any of the wallets which are compliant with the ERC-20 blockchain.
  • When I will get my reward?
    Once the monetization process starts your reward will be paid on a monthly reward.
  • How to increase my reward?
    Your reward depends on two factors: how much data you want to share with us and on current market conditions (prices of data).
  • Partnership
    Partnership: Are you a company that wants to cooperate with Shield? Contact us: email
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